Social Marketing Tips

Five Social Marketing Tips for Brands that Want to Increase In Engagement

Having an engaging website and social media pages is becoming a prerequisite to building a strong brand. My name is Danitza Vargas Nieves and I work with brands marketing eco-friendly products and services to optimize their digital marketing efforts and increase their brand awareness on social media. Here are my top 5 social marketing tips for brands looking to increase engagement.

  1. Create Authentic Content: Consumers want to engage with brands that feel authentic and not overly corporate. Create content that tells the true story of how your business came to be, not a fabricated press release.

  2. Post Consistently: Customers are more likely to engage with brands that continue to offer them something to think about. Don’t overdo it and end up spamming your followers. But posting on a consistent schedule is key to growing your brand.

  3. Include a Call to Action: Include a call to action – like follow us or visit our website in your social or web copy. This will encourage customers to take action, rather than passively consume your content.

  4. Meet Your Customers Halfway: Don’t always wait for your customers to come to you. Comment on their posts or hop into their conversations, especially if you are tagged or mentioned in a thread.

  5. Offer Value: The best way to entice someone to do something is always to offer them a desirable incentive. This could be free product samples, e-books, or simply relatable memes. Whatever you choose to post on social media, make sure that your customers will get real value from it, and will continue to follow you to receive more.

Follow these simple social marketing tips to increase your engagement and brand awareness. Or visit my website and book a consultation if you need any help with your website and social media.