Online and Social Media Marketing

Online Social Media Marketing for Environmentally Conscious Brands

Do you own a business that markets eco-friendly products? Or do you own a business that is helping in the fight to create a more sustainable planet? If so, my name is Danitza Vargas Nieves and I want to help your brand grow on social media. Any eco-friendly business that isn’t currently utilizing social media to connect with supporters and build brand awareness is missing out on expanding your audience. When you need an online and social media marketing expert who is passionate about the environment, come see me at Vgs.
Social media opens up so many possibilities for emerging brands. It gives you a way to separate yourself from the crowd and prove that you value your customers and their thoughts. Share interesting office moments on Instagram or respond to customer problems on Twitter. The possibilities on social media are endless and if you do not currently have a digital marketing strategy in place, you should book a consultation with me. I can help you develop a plan to increase your engagement and customer retention. Plus, I will help manage your business profiles, so you can focus on growing the company.
Social media is incredibly important to a growing brand. Yet, many small businesses ignore it because they don’t have the resources to properly manage it or they feel like they will be outshined by larger competitors. But social media is all about authenticity. Sometimes larger brands have difficulties connecting with their audience because their efforts to connect don’t feel as authentic. Smaller brands, in comparison, have a greater ability to connect with customers online if their content is meaningful and authentic. If you need help with online and social media marketing, contact me today. I’m happy to discuss how I can transform your brand and help you bring in new customers.