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One on One Consultations for Properly Using Digital Media in Marketing

Social media and digital marketing can be confusing if you let yourself get lost in the minutia and terminology. But it’s quite simple if you break it down and create a simple plan to publish content and connect with your audience. If you are a brand that sells eco-friendly products and you need a consultation with an expert in the subject who understands the business, you’re in luck. My name is Danitza Vargas Nieves and I’m a digital marketer who has a passion for sustainability and environmental responsibility. I want to help businesses that sell eco-friendly products harness the power of social media digital marketing to find new customers and grow their brands. We all need to do our part to help save the planet. I want to leverage my expertise to show eco-brands how to properly use social media in marketing, so they can better serve customers and increase their brand awareness.
Visit my website to book a one on one consultation to discuss how to improve your social media digital marketing efforts. I offer both operations management as well as brand development. Operations management consulting refers to consulting on how to optimize your resources and orient your brand and marketing strategy to achieve your desired goals. Brand development refers to creating a strategic business profile that includes social media, web design, and content creation.
If you are a sustainable brand that needs help with social media or digital marketing, contact me today. I’m very passionate about what I do, and I want to help eco-friendly brands learn to better use social media in marketing. There are so many great opportunities for brands to connect with their customers and build a stronger profile online, there’s no reason to miss out. Visit my website today to book a consultation.